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A strong distribution network ensures that DM PAKITWALA'S range of shoulder bags are available in cities across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chattishgarh, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Company also supplies to countries in Middle East and Africa.

Quality, Righteousness and Openness are three values integral to DM PAKITWALA. " Quality is the most important of our values. Our Company policies rotate around delivering superior quality products to our customers. We make no compromise in matters of quality. We believe quality leads to satisfaction, not just of customers but also ourselves.

Righteousness is virtue that comes naturally to us. In all our deals – Be it with our partners, employees, customers or any party associated with us, we follow an upright method of dealing. We are driven by satisfaction of our shareholders and not by profits.

Moreover we have an open and fair work culture. We do business in an absolute transparent way, "Says MR. BHARAT SHAH. A pioneer in the school bags sector, the company has put in stringent quality checks in its production processes. All raw materials, which go into the production of DM PAKITWALA products, are thoroughly checked. Finally all batches are checked again before dispatching the products to retail stores.

Plans for the future include expanding the company's operations to International Markets. " Our belief in our mission has taken us to great heights. We have a vision to become a major player in the shoulder bags segment in Indian as well as International Markets," Adds MR. BHARAT SHAH…

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